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Tip Tuesday – How to Organize for Happy Unwrapping

Tip Tuesday - How to Organize for Happy Unwrapping Image

Here are some essential items that you may want to have on hand to make for happy unwrapping on Christmas Morning!

PAPER GROCERY BAG(S): We actually place this BEHIND our sofa to toss used wrapping paper in as we go. This way, no mess is evident as we leisurely unwrap our gifts and it’s easy to put straight into our recycling bin. Remember, wrapping paper should NEVER be burned in your fireplace.

BOW BOX: We reuse our ribbons and bows from year to year so we collect them in a holiday-themed box.

THANK YOU LIST & PEN: Make sure you jot down who gave you what so that thank-you notes can be sent before the New Year.

SCISSORS & PACKAGE TOOL: Keep them on hand to open those impossible plastic clamshells and boxes.

And, most importantly…
THE PRIMARY BIN: This plaid bin is where ALL the cash, checks, gift cards, and small expensive items (think electronics and jewelry) go the MOMENT they are unwrapped! This bin prevents things from going missing in the wrapping paper remains and from being inadvertently thrown away!

Use these unwrapping essentials at birthdays, graduations, showers, and any other events where many gifts are unwrapped at once. Wishing you an amazing Christmas celebration!

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