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Tip Tuesday – 6 Hanger Rules to Live By!

Hanger Rules to Live By Image

Seasons are changing and so are our closets. If your storage space is limited, you may have to “switch over” to more weather-appropriate clothing. Here are SIX hanger rules to always follow:

1. BE CONSISTENT: Make sure all your hangers are the same.  Whether they’re all wood, plastic, or velvet, invest in uniform hangers. My favorites are black velvet with swivel chrome hooks.

2. SIZE MATTERS: Hangers are NOT “one size fits all”! They do come in different WIDTHS. Average hangers are between 17” and 18” wide. If you have a smaller shoulder span, buy “PETITE” hangers that are only 14.5” wide. These smaller hangers will prevent the hanger end from stretching out your clothing and leaving annoying fabric bumps.

3. GET THE BAR: I always recommend hangers with a bottom crossbar instead of a “shirt” hanger without one. The bar makes the hanger much more sturdy and versatile. With a bar, you can hang pants, jeans, and scarves, or add a clip and hang your skirts.

4. NO SHARING: Always separate your suiting and ONLY hang ONE garment on each hanger. Don’t “hide” a tank under a blouse, or pants under a jacket. Hanging each item separately will help you SEE them all and perhaps create new combinations for your outfits.

5. HANG IT ALL: I usually recommend that you hang as much clothing as possible because “Vertical is Visible”! If a garment is hanging, it is easier to find. Plus, folded piles are hard to keep looking tidy.

6. TURN IT AROUND: Finally, every 6 months, TURN all of your hangers BACKWARD on the rail. As you wear and wash your clothes, return them hanging “normally.” At the end of the season, you will know what was worn and what was NOT! Whatever was not worn is a perfect candidate for donation.

Do these hanger rules resonate with you? Let us know in the comments of my FB group