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Tip Tuesday – Hang, Fold, or Roll?

hang, fold, and roll

Have you had this closet conundrum? Nearly every time we work in closets, clients ask me “what is the best way to store my clothing”? Choose from these three options:

HANG- I am a fanatical about hanging AS MUCH as possible! According to my organizing commandment “Vertical is Visible, Horizontal is Hidden,” hanging is the vertical way to store your clothing. Matching flocked or plastic hangers are best!
In the project shown below we removed small doors, moved shelves, and added an extra 22” rail. These adjustments resulted in room to hang 44 tees and sweatshirts!


I suggest the following order for hanging garments:

  • Start with your LONG hanging first, like dresses and long cardigans.
  • Next are skirts and pants, which may also need long hanging space. Try to keep “like with like.” Separate your two-piece sets like suits; it will give you an opportunity to wear those pieces in new ways.
  • Next are things you wear on TOP: blazers/jackets, blouses, casual tops, tees, shells, etc. Organize them together: long sleeve, then short sleeve, then sleeveless. Bonus points for color order too!
  • IF there is still space on your rails, you can add in other things that you would like to be wrinkle-free and easy-to-see: pashminas, knitwear, tennis clothes, workout wear, logo tees, etc.

Go to my FB Group to see a video of a unique way to hang knitwear!

FOLD – Next store folded items like jeans or sweaters on shelves or in drawers. Try not to stack more than 9” tall. In drawers, use drawer dividers to keep your “file-folded” items lined up and easy to identify.

As seen above, bins are a great solution to store belts, scarves, swimwear, shapewear, off-season items or anything that you may not need to keep perfectly folded. It is also much easier to get a bin down from a high shelf than a pile. Always use the same kind of bin or basket for uniformity, and make sure they are boldly labeled.

ROLL – For bulky items, rolling can also be a great solution. Hoodies take up a lot of room when hung or traditionally folded. A better solution, as shown in the photo to the right, is to roll those bulky garments. This way each individual item can be removed from the shelf without disturbing the others and creating closet chaos!

Apply these hang, fold, or roll solutions in your closet and let us know how it worked!

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