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Tip Tuesday – Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide

Ultimate Graduation Gift Guides

You may be thinking, “what do gifts have to do with organizing?” But I routinely find dozens of gifts in people’s homes that are still in their original packaging, never used! This is generally for two reasons: first, people are saving them for “good,” or they never liked the gift in the first place but will feel guilty donating or re-gifting it. To prevent this, I want to suggest that you give the graduates in your life gifts that will be used and enjoyed!

Universally, MONEY is the best gift you can give a recent graduate. But you may think “oh, it is so impersonal!” If so, I encourage you to give money in a thoughtful way! Perhaps they graduate in mid-June from High School (6/2021)? 6+2+0+2+1 = 11, multiplied by 12 years of school = $132. OR 11 times how many years you have known them, or times their GPA? The options are endless and the cash will be very much appreciated.

IF you know their birthday and exact graduation date, you can see how many days are between the two and give them a check for that amount! Here’s a cute poem you could include as an example:
7-15-1999 was the day of your creation,
Since then we have watched you learn and grow with admiration,
Now to congratulate you on this milestone of your education,
We count the days between your birth and your 5-28-21 graduation,
Which equals this gift of $79.88, to honor your achievements & put towards celebrations!
If a tangible gift is what you are looking for, here are my suggestions:
Apple AirPod Pro noise-cancelling earphones.
Amazon Graduation Gift card.
Away Carry On Luggage.
Fleece Throw Blanket, perhaps in their college color?
Foldable Duffle Bag for weekends away or visiting home.
A Tool Set for furniture assembly.

Beverage related:
Keurig Mini for making quick dorm room coffee.
Yeti Water/Coffee Tumbler, which can be engraved.
Tervis Tumbler with their college or initial.
Starbucks gift card in a Graduation Cap!

All of these items are heartily approved by recent high school and college graduates! More ideas are in the comments in my fun FB Group, Organizing Solutions for Busy Women. Next week, stay tuned for “Don’t Let your Wedding Gift be Wasted!”

PS: Some links may be affiliate links and I may get a small commission at no cost to you, thanks!