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Tip Tuesday – Gift Wrap Galore

gift wrap galore

It’s that time of year to set up an easy, well-lit wrapping area for your holiday gifts. I LOVE choosing the paper and ribbons! I make a ritual of it with Christmas music, hot cocoa, and all of my supplies easily at hand.

I used to stand at my ironing board  to wrap because it was counter height, but recently got this fantastic folding table that can be set at a 36” height. I leave it set up for the whole season so that I can wrap gifts as I buy them. I find it is much easier on my back to stand and to wrap on a higher surface.

gift wrapping station

I usually recommend keeping holiday gift wrap, bags, tissue, and tags separate from wrapping accoutrements for birthdays and other occasions. I use a flat organizer like this one which can store under a bed. You may prefer this standing wrap holder, which is ideal for the extra-long 39” rolls. And we used this hanging option for a client who had the luxury of a locked closet to keep ALL of her Christmas gifts and wrap away from prying eyes!

With my holiday wrap, I also keep pens, sharp scissors, and precut tape on a wrist holder to make taping go much faster.  I also reuse ribbons from year to year and store them by color in simple plastic drawers that I can roll over to the table. Taking the time to set up my workstation makes wrapping a joy and not a chore.

Do you use wrap and ribbon, gift bags and tissue, or perhaps Santa does not even wrap gifts in your home?! Let me know your preference by hitting reply or show off your beautifully wrapped gifts in my Facebook Group, which you can join here.

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