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I want to share four of the all-star office supplies that I reach for each and every day!  Great tools make office productivity that much easier.  And each item’s average cost is under two bucks!

1️⃣ An Envelope OPENER. Trust me it’s much faster and cleaner to use one of these to open your mail!  Have more than one to use in all the places you process your mail.

2️⃣ SUPER STICKY 4×4 Post It Notes.  Super sticky is key for me.(key emoji) Also, I like the slightly larger size as they are just the right size to plan out labels for 2/5 cut file folders.  And the larger size seems to prevent people from “wallpapering” their workspace with them!

3️⃣ RETRACTABLE Sharpie Markers. I use them for everything!  To label spice jars (and toiletries) when I open them. I love writing notes with them on my post-its too.  The click mechanism is SO much easier to manage than the capped version!

4️⃣ Gusseted Durable Plastic Envelopes. These are great for receipts I need to reconcile or may need for returns.  I also use them to collect checks that I’ve electronically deposited.  Keep your postage stamps and return address labels in. A leakproof pen or makeup case for your purse. Truly an all-around great multipurpose item!

So there you have it, some powerhouse productivity tools I use every day at my desk! Let me know if they prove useful to you!

I only recommend products I would use myself. As an Amazon Associate, if you use a link to buy something, I may earn a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks!