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Tip Tuesday – Feng Shui Bedroom Bliss

Feng Shui Bedroom Bliss Blog Photo of Bedroom

Recently many of my clients have just wanted to get a good night’s sleep, and they realize that their current bedrooms are not conducive to deep restorative sleep. After all, we spend 26 years of our lives asleep and as many as 7 years trying to GET to sleep! I suggest these Feng Shui-approved actions as your guideline for better rest:

REMOVE or CONCEAL: It’s best to remove the below items from your bedroom entirely. If that’s not possible, place a simple screen to block them, so that you don’t see distractions from your bed. Psychologically, this will be much better for you!

– Exercise equipment like a bike, treadmill, elliptical, and weights.

– A desk or your work-from-home area.

– Excess electronics like laptops, desktops, or televisions. IF you MUST have these in your bedroom then always use blue light-blocking glasses.

– Any and all clutter! Remove it entirely or “hide” it in lidded hinged baskets

– Sharp-edged, hard, or sad things under your bed. Ideally nothing will be stored there. If you MUST use under-the-bed space for storage, then stow soft fabrics, linens, or off-season clothes. Bonus points if the storage is soft as well.

– Photographs of anyone who does NOT sleep in this bedroom.  This includes pictures of your children, parents, in-laws, or exes. These are not people you would invite to watch during intimate moments so why should their photos “watch” you?

– Belongings of others. Your bedroom should be an area free of kids’ toys, clothes, or others’ things.

– Mirrors that you can see from the head of the bed. If you have mirrored doors, simple frost spray can subdue them.

ADD: Here are some simple things to add to your bedroom for optimal rest.

 – Soft elements like rugs, pillows, curtains, and linens in a variety of textures are conducive for rest.

– A headboard to “ground” the head of your bed, placed diagonally from the entry door so that you can see who enters if you were sitting in bed.

– Photos of you and your partner if you have one.

– Symmetry: pairs of matching things like décor, artwork, bedside tables, plants, books, and photos.

– Plants and fresh flowers.

– Overhead lighting, bedside lamps on dimmers, and candles.

Will you make any of these changes that are supported by thousands of years of Feng Shui practices? Tell us about it in my FB Group, Organizing Solutions for Busy Women. Personally, I am adding more soft elements and making sure there are no dust bunnies under my bed!

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