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Tip Tuesday – Fall = Flu

fall leaf and flu shot

Saturday the 22nd was the Fall Equinox, and a reminder for me to get my flu vaccine! That simple preventive measure really seems to make the difference–I have gotten a flu shot every year since 1995, and I have NEVER had the flu!

I hope that you’re all looking after your health, but in case you do get sick, I encourage you to take ten minutes NOW to prepare.

Go to the depths of your linen closet and bathroom drawers and pull out all the old medicines, pills, and remedies. Take a few minutes to toss dried-out or expired items, then gather together what’s left.

Make a list of the products you may need to stock up on and GET them. The last thing you’ll want to do when you feel ill is go out to the store. Think of this small effort now as a gift to your future ill self, and it will make you more motivated to do it.  After all, you would bring chicken soup to a friend in need, so care for yourself in advance!

What else are you doing to prepare for flu season? Here’s hoping for a flu-free autumn!