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Tip Tuesday – Beware the (Ides of March) Expired Items!

Tip Tuesday - Beware the (Ides of March) Expired Items! image

Nearly every time that we sort through pantries or bathrooms, we find dozens of items that are LONG expired. Here is a good article to explain “use by,” “sell by,” and “best by” wording in expiration dates. And here are three areas that often get ignored!

Personally, whenever I OPEN something I mark the date with a permanent marker. Black for light or clear surfaces and silver for dark surfaces works well!

Here are the 3 areas that often get overlooked. 

SPICES: If you decant spices out of an original bottle, jot down the day you open it using a permanent marker. Don’t worry, you can “erase” the marker with a bit of rubbing alcohol later if you need to. Here is a guide on how long spices last.

MEDICINE: This article from Harvard Health suggests that pills are still good a few years beyond their expiration date. While this may be true, I have found some of my clients were using aspirin from the 1990s! If so, trust me, it is time to toss and re-buy!

TOILETRIES & COSMETICS: Real Simple has a good guideline on when to replace makeup and bathroom products. (Personally, after re-reading it today, I will be replacing my toothbrush and mascara pronto!)

Truly, my best advice is “when in doubt, throw it out“! Spices, toiletries, and cosmetics are not that expensive. Whether I am putting something IN my body, like an over-the-counter remedy, or ON my body, like lotion or makeup, I am going to use products that are NOT expired! I think I am worth it!