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Tip Tuesday – Put E-Waste in It’s Place

Put E-Waste in It's Place

I am shocked at how many obsolete cords, cables, phones, laptops, earbuds, keyboards, routers, CPUs, and more I find squirreled away in clients’ homes! Often they are in a huge bin, tangled with their connectors that have not been used or looked at for decades.

Does this describe your cords? If so, please gather them ALL up and plan to RECYCLE them! Do what you can to keep these toxic items out of the landfill and maybe even get some coupons or credits while doing it. To inspire you here are some shocking statistics on E-Waste!

Best Buy and Staples will take almost all electronics to recycle and several retail companies accept their own products for recycling, including AppleSamsungMicrosoft, and Dell.

Make a deadline for yourself on International E-Waste Awareness Day (this year on October 14th), to make an effort to clear your homes of all your excess unused electronics! I am excited that the European Union has proposed a law that ALL mobile phones would have the SAME charging cable (a USB-C). Imagine how easy it would be to find the cable you need and not to have to change with future upgrades of phones?

Hopefully, the rest of the world will come around to this way of thinking as well. Until then, it is our responsibility to dispose of our E-Waste thoughtfully. Will you take this challenge? Let me know in my FB Group.