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A wonderful student said, “(Starting out) you asked for one word about my relationship to paper, and I put “hopeless”. Since taking the class, I have gotten rid of so much more stuff, and I have reorganized things, and I feel so hopeful! Clare Kennelley, Colorado

I’ve felt hopeless too, how about you?  Recently, I had to put together a complicated piece of furniture. There were so many parts spread out, I wondered where to begin.  The solution to both of our challenges was these three ingredients!

Course = Instruction Manual

Just as flat pack furniture comes with a set of instructions; my course on organizing paper provides a clearly structured roadmap to declutter your mind and your desk. The Paper Cleanse guided Clare through my clear step-by-step process to organize her papers effectively. If only my original furniture assembly instructions had been so detailed and precise! 

Teacher = YouTube Video

Just like the YouTube tutorial I found showing me what to do, a knowledgeable teacher plays a pivotal role in guiding students.  I happily became Clare’s personal “assembly” guide, offering her my expert advice, sharing best practices, and providing answers to all her questions along the way.

Fellow Students = Assembly Helper

I was thrilled my husband helped me in tackling the complicated furniture project. In The Paper Cleanse, Clare found a similar support system in her fellow students. They all shared a common goal of improving their organizational skills. Encouraging each other, co-working, exchanging ideas, and inspiration motivated them to stay on track and achieve their goals!

In the end, the task of putting together flat pack furniture and organizing your paper share similarities. Both tasks require a structured approach, guidance from a teacher, and the support of others.  

We both discovered that these seemingly daunting tasks CAN be conquered with ease, enjoyed along the way, and created a powerful feeling of accomplishment and confidence once done!  

So embrace the process, follow the guideline, and before you know it, like me you’ll have a beautifully assembled piece of furniture. Or like Clare a well-organized office that you can be proud of!