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Don’t Save! Spend on the Small Things Instead!

Speaking with a beloved older relative recently (who is close to the end of her life) I asked her: “What advice can you give me to be happy?”

She said what “sparked joy” most for her was treating herself to quality, simple items that she used every single day. She told me these little luxuries reminded her of her worth and how much she had accomplished (having grown up poor during World War Two). So in her honor, I’ve adopted her outlook and now I am going to “spend on the small things!” and enjoy them daily with gratitude!  

Some suggestions to start with:

  • Use a luxury-scented hand soap every day to wash up with instead of that bargain liquid soap sold in gallon-size containers from big box stores.
  • Purchase all matching hangers that are a joy to see hanging in your closet and a pleasure to use every day.
  • Splurge on super-soft, thick, cotton bath towels that make toweling off every day like a spa experience!  
  • Buy the ‘fancy’ tea bags with a ton of flavor, even though you drink numerous cups of tea each day.
  • Use only your favorite writing pen with just the right type of ink and feel in your hand, and ditch all the rest.
  • Purchase custom stationery that will be a pleasure to write on and for others to receive. 

She reiterated that the pleasure she received from her daily little luxuries far outweighed the expense!  So go ahead and indulge in these small treats throughout your day! And the cost will be only pennies a day when these items are quality purchases that will last.

So how can you upgrade your everyday life and spend on the small things? Let me know!