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Tip Tuesday – Which Word Will Define Your 2021?

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Here we are on the cusp of a brand New Year! I know I am not the only one who will be thrilled to say goodbye to the divisiveness, devastation, disease, and disappointments that 2020 seemed to serve up to us all. Yet I am grateful for the good that 2020 did bring.

This is my story. On Jan 1st, 2020 I thought I should choose “ADAPT” as a word to guide me. My beloved oldest sister was in hospice care. But I thought to myself “NO, ‘adapt’ has a negative connotation for me and I want something positive.” So I changed my word to “ABUNDANCE“! Two short days later, she passed. Yet, abundance described my ability to celebrate her life and to be able to clear her home BEFORE a pandemic shutdown would have prevented those events.

Throughout this year, when I indulged in negative thinking, worrying about myself, my colleagues, or my family, it was often from a scarcity mindset (what I was missing, what I was losing). When I revisited my word and changed my thinking, looking through a lens of abundance, things (and the year) seemed much better!

I would love your thoughts on this. To help, please find a list of 200 possible words YOU can choose from below. Find a printable PDF of these words, read more on others’ words, and their rationale behind choosing them, in the active conversation in my FB Group. Right now, I am debating between “ACTION” and “COMPLETE.” What word will YOU choose to help define your perspective in 2021?

list of 2021 word declarations 1 of 2
list of 2021 word declarations 2 of 2