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Tip Tuesday – Do the 27 Thing Fling

declutter 27 things image

I was recently introduced to the powerful idea of “The 27 Thing Fling” by Michelle Eades, who discovered it here. The simple act of moving or clutter-clearing 27 items in your space can create a huge shift in energy! This idea is rooted in ancient Feng Shui, which is 6000 years old, so there is some “proof of concept.”

Michelle told me how she got rid of 27 items each day for 9 days straight. Not only did this method really work for her, she also felt happier and freer! She reports “literally laughing and giggling and feeling on such a HIGH simply because I had got rid of just 27 items each day for less than a handful of days”. Michelle advises “when you glance around your space, what jumps out? Start THERE!” Here are nine areas that you could try for each of the nine days:
 – Reading: Books, Magazines, Newspaper Clippings
– Paper: Receipts, Greeting Cards, To-Do Lists
– Kitchen: Utensils, Mugs, China
– Bathroom: Makeup, Toiletries, Hair Products
– Digital: Social Media “Friends,” Unused Virtual Groups, Old Emails, Word Docs
– Gifts: Those you received and never liked but felt guilty about getting rid of
– Clothes: Does it fit? Anything that you don’t love and/or no longer wear
– Linens: Sheets, Towels, Pillows, Blankets, Throws
– Sports/Hobbies: Excess or duplicate supplies, or things you no longer enjoy doing Most importantly, Michelle recommends that you KEEP A TALLY each day of how much you cleared! She also kept a note of WHAT she decluttered each day. Do you think harnessing the “Power of the 27 Thing Fling” could help YOU achieve YOUR clearing goals? Tell us about it in my FB Group, Organizing Solutions for Busy Women, and see my interview with Michelle there as well!