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Tip Tuesday – Categorizing Clothing by Age and Stage

TT Categorizing Clothing by Age and Stage Image

It’s time to change over your clothing to suit the new season but it’s also time to clear the clutter! It’s easy to do this if you consider the CATEGORY that your clothes fit into! A key thing to remember is that your clothing tends to change based on your “age and stage.”

Ages and stages help you decide what you are comfortable wearing and what works for your unique lifestyle. I told a personal story in my FB Group about how the exact same skirt I wore in 1991 for a New Year’s Eve Party (and my engagement!) became a Halloween costume a decade later. A skirt that was appropriate party garb for me when I was 28, I had decided to relegate to costume status at age 38. Now that wonderful, colorful sequined skirt lives in my three-dimensional memorabilia box. I know I won’t ever wear it again, but it brings back so many wonderful memories!

So I want you to think about the different clothing categories that you have. If you need more room in your primary closet you WILL find it if you separate out the “seldom worn” items that are hogging and clogging up space. Holiday wear like Halloween costumes or ugly Christmas sweaters are one category to consider. Another is the clothing that you no longer will wear but nonetheless holds a special place in your heart, like my engagement skirt.

There are nine “seldom worn” categories in all to separate out and I list them in Step Two of my Closet Clarity Compendium. I challenge you to just find the two categories above that may be taking up space in your closet. Take these garments out and store them somewhere else: TA-DA – more space is yours! Let me know if this tip helped by replying, and if you want to hear my skirt story please join my FB group!