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Tip Tuesday – Do the 27 Thing Fling

I was recently introduced to the powerful idea of “The 27 Thing Fling” by Michelle Eades, who discovered it here. The simple act of moving or clutter-clearing 27 items in your space can create a huge shift in energy! This idea is rooted in ancient Feng Shui, which is 6000 years old, so there is some “proof of concept.” Michelle told me how…

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Tip Tuesday – An Editable Travel Checklist

Are you planning a vacation this summer? I am and I can’t wait! To prepare, I pulled out my old travel checklist which was so dated it had “camera and camera charger” on it! HA! I may have made that list when I was in my 30s, so it was time for an update. I went…

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Tip Tuesday – Plan Your Prime Day Purchases

Two years ago I suggested that you approach the upcoming “Prime Day” as a time to deeply reflect on what you have now and what you really need. Prime Day 2021 is in just a week and I implore you to think hard about what you may purchase again! 148 billion Americans—nearly half of the population—subscribe to Prime,…

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Tip Tuesday – Wedding Dress: What’s Next?

It’s time to reconsider your wedding dress if it’s hanging lonely in your closet or preserved in a box in a storage space. Are YOU going to wear it again? Is it worth holding onto an item that large for perhaps decades on the slim chance that a daughter or granddaughter MAY want to wear it? If you…

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Tip Tuesday – Ultimate Wedding Gift Guide

In my FB Group, Organizing Solutions for Busy Women, married folk have had some fantastic discussions about the WORST and BEST wedding gifts they received. If you know someone getting married this year, please let me share this “Wedding Gift Wisdom” to prevent your wedding gift from being wasted! Someone said “Cash is King,” and that is always…

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Tip Tuesday – Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide

You may be thinking, “what do gifts have to do with organizing?” But I routinely find dozens of gifts in people’s homes that are still in their original packaging, never used! This is generally for two reasons: first, people are saving them for “good,” or they never liked the gift in the first place but will…

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Tip Tuesday – Do You Have Your PPP In Place?

With a spike in online orders, the pandemic has ushered in an era of PPP for many of us, AKA the “Package Processing Problem.” To fix this problem, you need a different PPP: a “Package Place & Process”! I am encouraging all of my clients to come up with a dedicated PLACE in their homes…

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Tip Tuesday – Clutter-Free Gifts for Moms

Mother’s Day is nearly here and truly, ANY day is a good time to honor the mother figure in your life. Here are some clutter-free gift suggestions for your beloved Mom. TIME:– Yes, busy people; give her the gift of your time! Call her weekly so that she can count on hearing your voice. If she lives local to…

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Tip Tuesday – How to Protect Yourself from Scams

The calls, texts, and phishing emails from bogus people trying to lure you into scams can feel endless! The FTC reports that the median loss from a successful phone scam in 2020 was $1,170, nearly FOUR times the median loss across all fraud types! So what can you do to protect yourself? 1 – Register with the Do…

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