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Tip Tuesday – Back to School Survival Strategies

It is BTS time, and I don’t mean the K-pop boy band! If you are like me and no longer have a school-aged kid (or a child at all) don’t you STILL feel like “back to school” is a great time for a fresh start? BTS is a perfect point to shed the summer, and…

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Tip Tuesday – Hang, Fold, or Roll?

Have you had this closet conundrum? Nearly every time we work in closets, clients ask me “what is the best way to store my clothing”? Choose from these three options: HANG- I am a fanatical about hanging AS MUCH as possible! According to my organizing commandment “Vertical is Visible, Horizontal is Hidden,” hanging is the vertical way to…

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Tip Tuesday – Relaxation Consideration

This recent Sunday was “National Relaxation Day,” which is so appropriate for the middle of a hot summer month like August. Who wants to do ANYthing? But did YOU get a chance to “do nothing” or indulge in an activity that truly relaxes you this past weekend? Or were you trying to catch up, as…

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Tip Tuesday – Feng Shui Bedroom Bliss

Recently many of my clients have just wanted to get a good night’s sleep, and they realize that their current bedrooms are not conducive to deep restorative sleep. After all, we spend 26 years of our lives asleep and as many as 7 years trying to GET to sleep! I suggest these Feng Shui-approved actions…

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Tip Tuesday – Simplify Your Life Week

The first week in August is officially Simplify Your Life week. What will YOU do to “celebrate”? ANY holiday that STARTS with the name of my business is one near and dear to me! A friend came back from a beach vacation and was able to look at her home with “fresh eyes.” All of a sudden,…

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Tip Tuesday – My Container Commandment!

As a CPO (Certified Professional Organizer) I have MANY organizing “commandments” that I believe people should live by. My first and foremost commandment is: Let your container determine the contents! For example, a carton of milk holds 128 ounces. Try and fit an ounce more, and it will be full to overflowing. By the same…

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Tip Tuesday – “PACK” to Move

Moving and decluttering strategies are hot topics of conversation in my FB Group! The shift to remote work, a more urgent desire to live near family, or a greater need to save money by relocating to a less expensive area are ALL factors that have inspired people to pack up and go! I suggest following the “PACK to Move” process to help…

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Tip Tuesday – The Ultimate Home Travel Prep Checklist

It seems everyone is planning a long vacation AWAY from home! Are you? Tip Tuesday subscribers loved my Editable Travel Checklist, which lists the things you need to remember to pack to TAKE with you on vacation. But some of you said, “this list is great, but what do I do to prepare my HOME for my departure?”…

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Tip Tuesday – Shed Your Self-Storage Space!

In the US, one in ten homes has belongings in off-site storage units. In fact, the number of self-storage facilities (as of 2015) almost equals the number of Subway, McDonald’s and Starbucks locations in the US—combined! This adds up to a huge expense as storage units cost an average of $90 per month or $1080 a year!Unless…

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