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Tip Tuesday – Fall = Flu

Saturday the 22nd was the Fall Equinox, and a reminder for me to get my flu vaccine! That simple preventive measure really seems to make the difference–I have gotten a flu shot every year since 1995, and I have NEVER had the flu! I hope that you’re all looking after your health, but in case you do get sick,…

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Tip Tuesday – A Favor Does No Favors

Why do we still consider bags filled with cheap plastic crap and candy mandatory to give to departing guests at a children’s birthday party? A faithful blog reader has suggested that ALL parents agree to collectively STOP giving out party favors. Sunday was “National Working Parents Day” and whether you work outside or inside the home, this we know–all parents work…

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Tip Tuesday – Be a Positive Force

YOU can be a positive force! Today, September 11th, is the “National Day of Service and Remembrance,” and September 13th is “Positive Thinking Day.”  I realized that these two days are naturally linked–every time I volunteer my time or money, I feel immediately rewarded with positive thoughts. Everyone can find some way to give back. I have a client who…

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Tip Tuesday – (Im)Prove Yourself

September is “Self Improvement Month” and September 6th is “Fight Procrastination Day.” For parents and their kids, it is also back-to-school time. So for ALL of us September provides a perfect opportunity to hit the reset button. Vow now that you CAN do whatever it is you’ve been putting off this summer. All you have to do is get…

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Tip Tuesday – Clothing Queries

Is your closet currently in a state of chaos? Are you confused about how to curate your closet? Clearing out your closet becomes easy when you ask this trio of “clothing queries”! When you’re sorting, for each article of clothing you pick up, ask yourself: 1 – Does it FIT? And I want you to…

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Tip Tuesday – Perfect Your Pantry

I recently saw a statistic that each American wastes about a pound of food every day! But that number did not surprise me too much; I’ve seen many cavernous pantries filled with forgotten food. For example, look at what I found organizing a pantry recently: Neglect your pantry organization for a while, and you can easily end…

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Tip Tuesday – Laundry Logistics Pt. 2

Last week’s Laundry Logistics tip works best for individuals or couples.  This week, it’s all about laundry ease for families. For families, I recommend the ONE AT A TIME method. Often laundry COMPLETION is where families get bogged down. People manage to wash, dry, hang, and even fold, but then the laundry languishes in hampers…

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Tip Tuesday – Laundry Logistics Pt. 1

Almost every client I have has a litany of laundry complaints. The unfolded piles, the orphan socks, the dryer sheets EVERYWHERE. My advice is to create a regular routine to make getting through this oft-hated chore a little easier. There are two general routes to laundry logistics: ALL at ONCE or ONE AT A TIME.…

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Tip Tuesday – Must-Dos Go in Twos

“Must-Dos Go in Twos” is an concept I have come to embrace: take something you ALWAYS do daily or weekly and LINK that task to another task you want to accomplish.  For example, I’ve had clients who wanted to remember to take their vitamins and medications every morning but did not want their pills out on…

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