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Tip Tuesday – Digital Must-Dos

How ARE you? If you are reading this, I do hope that you are healthy and managing as best as you can in these unprecedented times. As we adjust, I realize I am now spending HOURS every day at my computer. I have decided that NOW is a great time to take care of some digital housekeeping. …

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Tip Tuesday – Expert Ideas for Every Room in Your Home

I want to invite YOU to a special FREE webinar that I am presenting THIS EVENING, March 31st, at 8:00 pm US Eastern Standard Time!   Tune in on Zoom (see link below) for my “Expert Ideas for Every Room in Your Home” talk! I am delighted to share this presentation, which I recently gave to…

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Tip Tuesday – Donating During Times of Disease

While you’re stuck at home with “found time,” getting organized may be one of your main goals. But what to do with your “dignity-worthy” donations? Ideally, you will find somewhere in your home to store these items for future giving. If there is no corner, closet, or indoor location available, perhaps put donations in the trunk of your car?…

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Tip Tuesday – Pandemic Projects

Depending on where you’re reading this from, we all are three or four weeks into our “stay-at-home” situations. I know a lot of you are thinking of and working on “pandemic projects.” I admire those of you who have made masks, cleared closets, purged papers, and much more! I’m especially impressed because you’ve done all this while…

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Tip Tuesday – Textile Recycle

Let’s celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and talk a bit about textile recycling! Here is a powerful infographic about just how much textile waste ends up in the landfill. For more staggering facts about fast fashion, check out this powerful article about waste. It says that the average American throws out 81 pounds of clothing a year! That is…

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Tip Tuesday – Don’t Let It Languish

During this current climate, does the concept of using all of your things seem even more poignant?  You have likely heard me say it before, but I really want you to understand: there is no magic osmosis that comes from just owning something. None of us has the enchanted ability to obtain knowledge, style, goodwill, or fitness from just buying and…

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Tip Tuesday – Best Of The Best

Wow! Thank YOU, my fans, who let the Sun Gazette know that they thought Simplify You was the “Best of the Best” in 2020! I am so grateful for all of the support I have received from my clients, colleagues, and the local community over my 17 years in business.  Many small businesses are suffering in…

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Tip Tuesday – Consume Those Cards!

Perhaps you recently celebrated Mother’s Day or your birthday and your friends and family generously gave you gift cards to your favorite store or restaurant? If so, I strongly encourage you to USE those cards now, either by ordering online or getting delivery or takeout.WHY? During these unusual economic times, NO establishment is guaranteed to stay…

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Tip Tuesday – Make Like You’re Moving

A client has recently adopted this as her mantra and I thought it was so smart I wanted to share it with you. To really clear out her clutter effectively she has decided to “make like she’s moving.”  Imagine that your current home is a fresh slate. How would you use and furnish the space if you…

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