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Tip Tuesday – The 4-Step Closet Clarity Compendium

I am so excited to announce that my first eBook, “The 4-Step Closet Clarity Compendium,” is now available for purchase here! Since I cannot personally come to each and every one of your homes to help you, this is the next best thing! The CCC is designed to walk you through everything you need to do, in a clear…

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Tip Tuesday – Put E-Waste in It’s Place

I am shocked at how many obsolete cords, cables, phones, laptops, earbuds, keyboards, routers, CPUs, and more I find squirreled away in clients’ homes! Often they are in a huge bin, tangled with their connectors that have not been used or looked at for decades. Does this describe your cords? If so, please gather them…

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Tip Tuesday – Organizing Games to Start or Maintain!

One of the simplest ways to declutter or maintain your organizing efforts is to GAMIFY the process!  One idea is a game I call “Cash Clean” where you HIDE MONEY in the spots where you want to stay organized! Get a bunch of bills (any denomination) and have a family member or friend hide them in your paper piles and around…

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Tip Tuesday – Plan Now for Serious Supply Shortages

Pandemic problems are still plaguing us, so NOW is the time to start planning for your holiday celebrations and gift-giving. Today marks 95 days till Christmas 2021 and Hanukkah starts on Nov. 28th, only 70 days away! The New York Times reports that serious supply chain issues will be with us for quite a while more.…

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Celebrating Year 5 of Tip Tuesday: a Look Back on Top Tips!

A warm welcome to the many new subscribers who downloaded the Emergency Grab and Go Checklist last week! I started organizing clients’ homes in 2003, but only started sending out weekly Tips in the fall of 2017. Now, I am happily celebrating having sent over 200 organizing and lifestyle tips directly to subscribers’ inboxes in the last four years.…

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Tip Tuesday – Emergency Grab-and-Go Bag Checklist

Nearly ONE in THREE Americans live in a county that was hit by a weather disaster in June, July, or August 2021. (32% according to the Washington Post.) Please do not let fire, flood, hurricanes, tornados, or social unrest catch YOU off guard! NOW is the time to collect your vital documents and put them in…

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Tip Tuesday – Back to School Survival Strategies

It is BTS time, and I don’t mean the K-pop boy band! If you are like me and no longer have a school-aged kid (or a child at all) don’t you STILL feel like “back to school” is a great time for a fresh start? BTS is a perfect point to shed the summer, and…

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Tip Tuesday – Hang, Fold, or Roll?

Have you had this closet conundrum? Nearly every time we work in closets, clients ask me “what is the best way to store my clothing”? Choose from these three options: HANG- I am a fanatical about hanging AS MUCH as possible! According to my organizing commandment “Vertical is Visible, Horizontal is Hidden,” hanging is the vertical way to…

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Tip Tuesday – Relaxation Consideration

This recent Sunday was “National Relaxation Day,” which is so appropriate for the middle of a hot summer month like August. Who wants to do ANYthing? But did YOU get a chance to “do nothing” or indulge in an activity that truly relaxes you this past weekend? Or were you trying to catch up, as…

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