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Tip Tuesday – Be Bright

Shorter days can be dark and gloomy, so brighten things up! Install 3-way bulbs and dimmer switches so spaces can be illuminated for everyday tasks and then dimmed for evening relaxation. You will find that you are more efficient and less depressed (SAD syndrome is real!) with brighter lights all around!

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Tip Tuesday – Don’t Fall Back

Already overwhelmed by the oncoming holiday season? Don’t “fall back” on maintaining your already established routines and habits! Now is probably not the best time to add new resolutions—people do them at the new year for a reason! But do your best to keep up with the basics: healthy eating, exercise, sleep, laundry, bill paying,…

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Tip Tuesday – Get Ready For Guests

Expecting visitors over the holiday season? Now is the time to prep their area, free up closet space, and provide clear surfaces so your guests can spread out and feel welcomed. Make sure there is an easy-to-reach surge protector out for guests’ multiple electronic devices. And, just as essential as fresh towels and flowers is prominently displaying your WiFi login information and password, so…

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Tip Tuesday – Be Thankful

As well as sharing thanks during the big meal, take time throughout the season to be thoughtful and grateful.  Express your gratitude to others with a Facebook comment, email, or even better—an old fashioned letter!  Mindfulness and being present in the moment is the best gift you can give yourself and those around you. 

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Tip Tuesday – Remove and Replace

“Remove and Replace” is a common concept applied to dealing with files (be they paper or electronic). When you receive some new information that changes or updates older information, then the best practice is to “remove and replace” those old files as they are no longer valid. For example, you get an amended car insurance policy for the…

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Tip Tuesday – It’s Never Too Late

People have this notion that professional organizers are always “get things done” people. I have a confession…that is not always true! Here is a personal story. Many of you know that I have one child, my daughter Lydia. When I was pregnant in 1998 in the UK, I was given a trendy Anne Geddes “My First Five Years” Baby…

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Tip Tuesday – Gone Off? Off It Goes!

Nearly every day that we sort through pantries or bathrooms, we find dozens of items that are LONG expired. I realize there is a lot of confusion about “use by,” “sell by,” and “best by” wording in expiration dates. And if it is a dry good like rice, chances are it IS fine to use. But I…

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Tip Tuesday – Vertical is Visible

One of my favorite organizing mantras is “Vertical is Visible, Horizontal is Hidden!” Almost anything that you are storing in a horizontal manner can benefit from a 90-degree rotation. For example, you may have a towering pile of paper on your desk that you have to rifle through to find what you are looking for. Take…

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Tip Tuesday – Wedding Shoes Wasted

I would estimate that in nearly ALL of the closets we organize we find wedding shoes, hidden high up on a shelf or under a pile, in a dusty original box. It’s such a waste to tuck away a beautiful pair of expensive shoes that most women only wear ONCE, on their wedding day.We find…

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