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Tip Tuesday – How to Organize for Happy Unwrapping

Here are some essential items that you may want to have on hand to make for happy unwrapping on Christmas Morning! PAPER GROCERY BAG(S): We actually place this BEHIND our sofa to toss used wrapping paper in as we go. This way, no mess is evident as we leisurely unwrap our gifts and it’s easy to put…

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Tip Tuesday – Gift Wrap Galore

It’s that time of year to set up an easy, well-lit wrapping area for your holiday gifts. I LOVE choosing the paper and ribbons! I make a ritual of it with Christmas music, hot cocoa, and all of my supplies easily at hand. I used to stand at my ironing board  to wrap because it was counter height, but…

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Tip Tuesday – Holiday Helpers: 4 Editable Checklists To Keep You Organized!

Apologies for this Tip Tuesday on a Wednesday! High winds caused a power outage so we were delayed by a day. But I do think these “holiday helpers” will be worth waiting for, as they are the ESSENTIAL documents that I refer to again and AGAIN during December! These lists are editable so you can replace the word…

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Tip Tuesday – Silence is Golden

What do you listen to when you are at your MOST productive? I realized for ME, it is the sound of silence! And there is science to support this! ◉ In a 2017 INC. magazine article, “A study published through the National Library of Medicine found that exposure to prolonged silence can actually cause the brain to produce new cells.” ◉ Scientific…

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Tip Tuesday – The Paper Cleanse

Raise your hand if you’ve ever done any of these things: Took that giant pile of paper from your desk, tossed it in a tote bag, and hid it in your closet or under your bed to be forgotten. Double paid (or forgot to pay) a bill because you just could not get a handle…

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Tip Tuesday – Hosting for the Holidays

Are you finally able to host friends and family this holiday season? NOW is the time to tidy up and prepare! Here is an article from Northern Virginia Magazine where I am quoted with a bunch of ideas! In addition to fluffy towels and fresh flowers, here are more ideas to keep them comfortable: WELCOME: If your coat closet is stuffed, place…

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Tip Tuesday – Holiday Pantry Prep!

Did you over purchase due to the pandemic?  Are you opening your pantry and wondering how you will manage?  Do YOU have six jars of partially used cinnamon on your shelves like a client of mine? Don’t be overwhelmed!  Try some of the suggestions and products below to get your pantry whipped into shape before…

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Tip Tuesday – Categorizing Clothing by Age and Stage

It’s time to change over your clothing to suit the new season but it’s also time to clear the clutter! It’s easy to do this if you consider the CATEGORY that your clothes fit into! A key thing to remember is that your clothing tends to change based on your “age and stage.” Ages and stages…

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Tip Tuesday – The Keys to Hanger Happiness

In my “Supplies for Success” Bonus that comes with the “4-Step Closet Clarity Compendium” (on sale NOW, hint hint!) I mention six hanger rules to live by. In my FB Group we did an informal poll on members’ favorite types of hangers listed below. I think it is KEY to invest in consistent hangers in your closet spaces. Trust…

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