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Tip Tuesday – Archiving Actions

Following up on last week’s post about creating your reference folders, there will, of course, be some papers that you’ll want to hold on to “just in case.” These are what I call “ARCHIVE” papers. They are papers that you: DO NOT need to take any ACTION on DO NOT need to REFER to DO…

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Tip Tuesday – Think Before You File

Phew! Taxes are (hopefully) filed, Spring Break is over, and the third week of April is “Organize Your Files Week.” Is it time to turn those frustrating piles of papers into pleasing files? Perhaps…NO! My clients often want my help corralling their paper, pointing to massive piles they want to “file.” They are always a…

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Tip Tuesday – Pitch Your Paint

I always find gallons and gallons of paint in my clients’ homes, most of it past its prime. People have inherited paint from past homeowners, have never-opened cans from questionable color choices, or just overbought and have more than they will ever need for quick touch-ups. And everyone dreads doing something to get rid of…

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Tip Tuesday – Handbag Refresh

The cherry blossoms have bloomed, which means it’s time for a handbag refresh! No, I am NOT going to tell you to unpack your bag and put your wallet in a drawer every evening as Marie Kondo would suggest. I had a client who tried this and forgot her wallet altogether the next day! What I…

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Tip Tuesday – Heave That Hobby?

Welcome to April! Now that it’s officially Spring, ask yourself: Is it time to “heave” that hobby? You know, the one you haven’t picked up or thought about in ages… With spring cleaning season here, I want you to think critically about those sports, crafts, or activities you no longer do. Reminders of forgotten hobbies around the…

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Tip Tuesday – Shoe Bag Strategies

Last week I had five clients and in EACH home we installed a hanging shoe bag on the back of or inside of a door! These bargain $15 additions are an organizer’s dream and I highly recommend them for almost everything! They take up NO floor space, and 24 pockets make for excellent separation and…

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Tip Tuesday – Frozen Food Finds

When was the last time you cleared out your freezer? In honor of March 2nd’s “National Old Stuff Day”, and March 6th’s “National Frozen Food Day”, I declare NOW is the time! We talked about clearing out your pantry last week, and this week’s focus is on your frozen foods. As part of “Shop Free February” I made…

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NBC4 Appearance

  This Tuesday, I am so excited to share my recent television appearance on NBC4 Washington DC. As part of NBC4’s “Organizing Tip Week,” Susan Hogan, Consumer Investigative Reporter, contacted me to come to her home and transform her pantry!You can watch the clip here! The big “takeaway tips” and “golden rules” highlighted are: Take Everything Out –…

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Tip Tuesday – Magnet-Free Fridge

Want a five-minute hack that will magically make your kitchen look cleaner and more organized? Get those magnets, photos, calendars, cards, and coupons OFF of your fridge, now! I know you want to be able to see the soccer schedule and your newborn niece’s photo at a glance, and I understand. But have no fear—I…

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