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Tip Tuesday – A Decade of Certification

Wow! Where does the time go? I spooked myself (obligatory Halloween reference) when I realized that I have been a Certified Professional Organizer for a solid decade as of tomorrow!I am one of only about 360 CPO’s worldwide, and I enjoy continuing to take classes and grow my skills to help my clients. I have added a Residential Organizing Certificate…

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Tip Tuesday – Seasonal Clothing Swap, Part Two

Here is Part TWO of my Rules for the Seasonal Clothing Swap! STORE: You have CLEANED, EDITED and SEPARATED your clothing. Now you can store your current items in your closet, shelves, and drawers. FOOTWEAR: I usually start here to plan where shoes and boots will live. Boots take up much more room than summer sandals so it…

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Best Of Arlington Announcement

Excited to share I won “Best Professional Organizer” in the 2018 “Best of Arlington” issue of Arlington Magazine. Thank you all for your votes and support! 

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Tip Tuesday – Seasonal Clothing Swap, Part One

The time has come for many of us to switch out our summer apparel for warmer weather wear. Here is Part ONE of my Rules for the Seasonal Clothing Swap: Step 1: Make sure ALL your clothing is CLEAN before you put it away! Step 2: Ask yourself these questions about each garment to edit the excess:…

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Tip Tuesday – You NEED a Retail Email

With the pandemic-inspired threat of “shipageddon,” many popular gifts will probably sell out early this holiday season. Any tip that simplifies your holiday shopping should be welcome, so let me introduce you to the concept of a RETAIL EMAIL! This is an email address that you create and use exclusively for ANY online or in-store shopping that you do! Make it something EASY for you to type in, or for a…

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Tip Tuesday – Back To School

Are you tired of missing the bus because of the morning fuss?  Arriving at work frazzled instead of dazzling?  Establish a morning routine now for yourself and your family!  Use fun and colorful charts for the kids to list all that has to be done in the morning.  Give prizes to all (including yourself!) that complete the list…

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Tip Tuesday – Set Up a Study Space

Students aren’t the only ones who need a study space! If you have paper-based tasks, designate a productive space for yourself where you can get it all done! Study essentials include a defined area with bright lighting, a clear work surface, and a comfortable chair. Create a caddy for homework tools (pens, pencils, markers, erasers, tape,…

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Tip Tuesday – Create a Retail Email

Tired of the never-ending stream of offers and coupons clogging up your personal email?  NOW is the time to set up a specific shopping/retail email!  I have cleeshops@gmail.com and use it for ALL emailed receipts, Amazon orders, and any other online shopping.  Make the upcoming gift-buying season easier to manage! You’ll find you can effortlessly track packages…

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Tip Tuesday – Your Phone Is Your Lifeline

Other than your shadow, what’s almost always within arm’s reach? Your cell phone! Take advantage of that proximity and use it to capture all the essential information you and your family may possibly need. Use your Contacts to note emergency contact names and numbers, student ID numbers, health ID numbers, passwords and even social security…

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