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Tip Tuesday – The RITE Way to Get It Done!

Finally, the temperatures are warming, and ideas of spring cleaning and organizing are filling our heads! I want to remind you of my signature system to help you not only START, but FINISH the projects you have in mind! The RITE Way can be applied to ANYTHING you want to accomplish! R is for RESOLVE…

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Tip Tuesday – Milestones and Memorabilia

This week marks a bittersweet milestone for me. “Pi Day” (March 14th) marked five years since my beloved mother, Helen Cawley, died. I was SO lucky to have her for as long as I did. She lived a month short of her 99th birthday and was in fairly good health up until the last few…

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Tip Tuesday – Procrastination Problems? 5 Solutions!

We have all been there, shaving the lint off of our sweaters when there is a big project looming! Procrastination is “delaying or postponing a task or set of tasks.” Do you have procrastination problems? Here are 5 solutions to tackle them! SMALL ACTIONS – Recognize that delaying the start of your project will often cause much…

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Tip Tuesday – The 4 “Ds” of Time Management

Time management gurus have used the following method for decades, and I often introduce it to clients to help them think about balancing their time at home. This classic decision-making grid shows where you ideally focus your time: on things that are more important AND more urgent. To narrow down to these must-dos, first go through your…

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Tip Tuesday – Health Directives & Decision-Making: Do It!

If you watch my “Live at Five” on Sundays you will know this somber story already. Last week, while visiting my older sister in Florida, I went to wake her up for an early doctor’s appointment. She was totally incoherent and unable to move so I called 911. When the paramedics arrived, their first question was “Does she…

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Tip Tuesday – Organizing Other People

Here’s one question I get all the time: “How can I get my partner/spouse/roommate/kids to get organized and stay organized?!” It’s not easy, but I have found that these “EX” words can help: EXAMPLE – YOU need to get YOUR things organized before you can expect the same from others. It is hypocritical to ask…

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Tip Tuesday – KonMari Vs. C.Lee: Storage Products Review

Last week I reviewed the KonMari kitchen collection, and this week I tried out products from KonMari Storage from TCS. If you are in my Facebook Group you can see a “Live” of me in MY kitchen showing the products! Here is a summary of the products I reviewed and my scores for them out of ten: First are the Hikadashi…

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Tip Tuesday – KonMari Vs. C.Lee: Kitchen Products Review

Have you seen the new KonMari Collection from The Container Store? It includes 114 products for your office, kitchen, closets, and kids. If you are in my fun Facebook Group you can see me in MY kitchen reviewing the products, so go join! If Facebook isn’t for you, here’s a summary of a few kitchen items and my scores for…

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Tip Tuesday – Laundry Logistics

Let’s talk about LAUNDRY logistics! Remember, if your clothes have gone through the washer and dryer they are CLEAN but they are not “done” until they’ve been put away! Here are some tips to get your laundry truly done! EASY CARE – Buy clothes that can be machine washed and dried. It is much easier and takes less time…

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