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Tip Tuesday – Shift Your Shelves

If you have adjustable shelves, I recommend you “shift your shelves” to suit your needs. I am amazed at how often I go into homes and the kitchen shelves have not moved an inch since the cabinets were shipped and installed. It’s really not that hard to shift shelves! And you can see the difference…

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Tip Tuesday – Spend on the Small Things

Speaking with an older relative, I asked her: “Do you have any advice on how to live a happy life?” She said what “sparked joy” most for her was treating herself to quality, simple items that she used every day. She said “spend on the small things!” I could not agree more, and vowed that…

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Tip Tuesday – Fold Like You’re Filing

Made famous by Marie Kondo, the file folding technique is not so new! Professional Organizers have actually been doing for decades. This trick makes it easy to fit, find, and select garments in your drawers. Simply fold like you’re “filing” your clothes away! In general, this means taking your “regularly” folded clothing and then folding it…

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Tip Tuesday – Decant for Daily Use

Do you take prescription medications or supplements? Does your counter or bathroom cabinet look something like this, with a mess of different bottles and lids? If so, I encourage you to DECANT all those pills to make it easier to take them daily. Use simple pill holders like this one to store them. I like ones with larger…

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Tip Tuesday – Gone Off? Off It Goes!

Nearly every day that we sort through pantries or bathrooms, we find dozens of items that are LONG expired. I realize there is a lot of confusion about “use by,” “sell by,” and “best by” wording in expiration dates. And if it is a dry good like rice, chances are it IS fine to use. But I…

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Tip Tuesday – Consistent Containers

If I have any “organizing MUSTS” using consistent containers is high on my list! Trust me, it is a false economy to use a cheap bin or box that you find at a dollar store. It simply won’t stand up to frequent use, and you won’t be able to find a duplicate easily if you need to…

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Tip Tuesday – Make Your Bed; Make Your Day

“If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.” In this well-known quote from the video and book by Admiral William H. McRaven, he goes on to say that with this simple action, you have started your day by accomplishing something, which will enable you to go on and accomplish more. ‘Great for a military…

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Tip Tuesday – Board Game Storage

Do you like to play games? We love games in our house and so do my clients, who tend to have card and board games precariously stacked in corners and cupboards. If you too stack your games on top of each other like pancakes…  —->  Try this simple hack (using the “Horizontal is Hidden, Vertical…

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Tip Tuesday – Use Your Gifts

“Use your gifts” is a figurative phrase that encourages people to use their natural talents. But I interpret “use your gifts” in the most literal sense! I implore you to actually USE any and ALL gifts you have received! In this season of weddings, graduations, and days honoring parents and grandparents, chances are you will get a gift in…

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