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How to save $1000 a year!

Do you keep things in an off-site storage location? The average cost of those is $90 per month, or $1080 a year! Recently, in my FB group, a kind member encouraged us all to clear them out NOW. She realized that she had spent nearly $24,000 over 18 years of storage, the cost of a new car…

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Organize Using the 80/20 Rule!

I am fascinated by the Pareto Principle, which is also known as the 80/20 rule!  This article explains it well, but, in its organizing essence, it means that for 80% of our time, we use the same 20% of our things.   In other words: ·       80% of the time, people wear the…

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The RITE time for a Half Year Evaluation! 

Wow, can you believe it; the year is nearly halfway over!  Personally, I think NOW is a great time to revisit your annual goals and see where you are and what more you may want to do.  Are you on target with your yearly plans or do you need to start fresh to achieve them?…

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Tip Tuesday – Core Organizing Concepts

Occasionally, we just need to get back to basics. With this in mind, I’ll be sharing some “core organizing concepts” with you from time to time. There is one mistake that I see over and over in my clients’ homes, particularly in their kitchens and pantries, but also in garages and attics. The phrase I…

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Tip Tuesday – The End of Analysis Paralysis?

Perhaps there is a hidden silver lining to the recent supply chain issues?  It’s forcing people to make decisions and not get caught in “analysis paralysis”.   I had a client who was once stuck on every decision, as small as which appetizer to serve to friends coming over for drinks, and as big as which…

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Tip Tuesday – Best Home Travel Prep Checklist

Are you planning to drive or fly away from home this summer?  Tip Tuesday subscribers loved last week’s Best Editable Travel Checklist, which lists the things you need to remember to pack to TAKE with you on vacation.  But you also want to know exactly what to do before you leave. So last year I created the “Home Travel Prep – 16…

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Tip Tuesday – The Best Editable Travel Checklist

This checklist was one of the MOST popular free resources I offered last year!  Are you planning a long overdue vacation this summer?  If so, I think you’ll LOVE this checklist!  It is editable so you can customize it for your personal needs.  Then, just save it to print out again and again, EVERY TIME…

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Tip Tuesday – Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide

It is graduation gift-giving season again!  And I know that you want the graduate in your life to USE and enjoy your present.  You don’t want it to be wasted. To prevent this, I want to suggest the following recent 100% graduate approved gifts Universally, MONEY is the best gift you can give a recent…

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Tip Tuesday – 5 Life Lessons from My Mom

In one of my most read recent blog posts, I shared 3 of my own Life Lessons.  But since we just had Mother’s Day, I want to impart the wisdom contained in five (of many) Life Lessons that my own beloved mother, Helen K Cawley, 1917-2016, shared with me. I wonder if your own parents…

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