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Tip Tuesday – Progress Over Perfection

Every day I remind my clients, and myself, of the mantra: “Good and DONE is better than perfect and ​NONE!”​ What do I mean by this? That it’s more beneficial to get started on a task, and get something accomplished, than to put a task off until it can be executed absolutely “perfectly.” So be…

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analog clock and retro glasses

Tip Tuesday – Go Retro

Do you feel like the hours slip away from you? Are you often late, or do you waste long periods of time online? I suggest you REPLACE some of the digital clocks in your home with ANALOG clocks with big, easy-to-read numbers. I like this simple $10 one from IKEA. Why? Because then you can…

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Tip Tuesday – Grab and Go

With the recent nor’easters blowing through, we’ve seen just how quickly things can change—in the blink of Mother Nature’s eye. And so, in case of emergencies or natural disasters, I encourage my clients to gather all their vital documents in one place, where they could easily grab them and go.  Vital documents for you and your family can include…

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springtime flowers

Tip Tuesday – Spring Into Action

Make spring a fresh start for your organizing efforts! I know some of you are seriously taking on the Project 333 Challenge, or faithfully donating a handbag a day for 40 days. Bravo! But are you REWARDING yourself for those efforts?    To keep up momentum, I encourage all of my clients to link every chore with a…

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simple jeans and sweater or fancy dress

Tip Tuesday – Be Closet Conscious

Getting Dressed. We (hopefully!) all do it every day, so why can it be such a struggle? Do you find yourself wasting an hour trying on four different outfits only to end up wearing your favorite pair of jeans and a simple sweater? To make this daily task easy–maybe even enjoyable!–I encourage you to be…

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donation bag

Tip Tuesday – Donation Station

A recent warm day suggested that Spring will be here soon, and cued some readers to clear out. One told me she signed on to do the “Give Up 40 Bags in 40 Days” challenge! It is never too late to start if you have a lot of clutter to clear. And as I pointed out to…

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Tip Tuesday – Show Yourself Some Love

And I don’t just mean choosing your favorite salted caramels out of the heart-shaped candy box! I mean do the things NOW that, although they may seem onerous, your “future self” will thank you for. This concept works in ways big and small. Today, you drag your feet around the house to complete the last 200 steps…

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labeled file folders

Tip Tuesday – Label Everything!

I was once quoted in the Washington Post saying: “We don’t want to label our children. But let’s label everything else.” Why? Because labels create the order we crave, and will save you time and effort.  Labeling your belongings streamlines the processes of both finding and storing them. It is much easier to grab a band-aid in an…

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valentines day ad

Tip Tuesday – Shop-Free February

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff in your spaces, clothes in your closets, and provisions in your pantry? Do you want to save some money after over-spending in December? Challenge yourself to a “Shop-Free February.”  It IS the shortest month, and you may enjoy it enough to continue! I am inspired by…

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