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Tip Tuesday – Virtual Organizing Opportunity

This is an unprecedented time. Many of us are unexpectedly staying at home. I am hearing from many of my clients that they can’t stand to stare at the messy states of their closets, pantries, or entryways for the next few weeks, and that they wish I could magically be there to help. I am…

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Tip Tuesday – Rev Up Your Routine

September is the “unofficial New Year” for many of us. For parents and students it is back-to-school time, so new routines are often needed. But even if you’re not involved in the school year, September is the perfect month for a routine RESET! I challenge you to think of ONE measurable action that you can take…

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Tip Tuesday – Leave the Liner Alone

Move-In Perfection is one of our favorite services to offer clients! We typically start in the kitchen because it’s the heart of the home and people have to eat. Almost every time clients ask “Should the shelves should be lined?” and I always answer “NO!” In my experience, lining shelves is time-consuming and expensive. And…

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Tip Tuesday – Trash the Tote

Be honest: How many “bags of bags” do you have? In my 17-year career as a professional organizer, I’ve found that tote bags seem to multiply on their own, and they often become a huge crutch for my clients. As this recent New York Times article states, it’s hard to refuse a tote. Many are giveaways, inexpensive,…

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Tip Tuesday – Analysis Paralysis

Sometimes I long for the “good old days,” when there was a limited amount of choices and decision-making was easy. I remember my Mom shopping for a new refrigerator about four decades back. I grew up near Vestal, New York, so we went to family-owned Olum’s Appliances (still going strong!). A knowledgeable salesman presented five or six…

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Tip Tuesday – Cut Down on Junk Mail

  Recently a reader asked “What can I do about the endless amount of junk mail?!”   The best solution is to register with the Direct Marketing Association at DMAChoice.org.  There is a $2 fee but once you pay and log in you can easily and dramatically reduce the volume of: catalogs, magazine offers, other mail offers (such…

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Tip Tuesday – Apollo Anniversary Advice

I know what you’re thinking: “What does the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing (July 20, 1969) have to do with organizing and lifestyle tips?!” I want to share a personal story that may give you some perspective on the things you’re holding on to. My beloved mother, Helen, worked her whole life…

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Tip Tuesday – Ship Shape

Even if you were able to resist the siren call of “Prime Day,” and the many other retail sales calling themselves “Black Friday in July,” it seems we’re all getting many more boxes of goods delivered directly to our homes, often on an almost daily basis. Because of this, I encourage my clients to create…

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Tip Tuesday – Prime Day for Reflection

Days after Independence Day, the next hugely hyped event on the calendar is Amazon Prime Day, this year running for TWO days (July 15th through July 16th). Instead of falling for the hype, I suggest you use it as a day to reflect on what you have and what you REALLY need. Remember: something is…

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