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Tip Tuesday – The Best Editable Travel Checklist

This checklist was one of the MOST popular free resources I offered last year!  Are you planning a long overdue vacation this summer?  If so, I think you’ll LOVE this checklist!  It is editable so you can customize it for your personal needs.  Then, just save it to print out again and again, EVERY TIME…

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Tip Tuesday – Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide

It is graduation gift-giving season again!  And I know that you want the graduate in your life to USE and enjoy your present.  You don’t want it to be wasted. To prevent this, I want to suggest the following recent 100% graduate approved gifts Universally, MONEY is the best gift you can give a recent…

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Tip Tuesday – 5 Life Lessons from My Mom

In one of my most read recent blog posts, I shared 3 of my own Life Lessons.  But since we just had Mother’s Day, I want to impart the wisdom contained in five (of many) Life Lessons that my own beloved mother, Helen K Cawley, 1917-2016, shared with me. I wonder if your own parents…

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Tip Tuesday – Your Closet Chaos Solution!

Urg! Is it that time of year to do your seasonal clothing switch over?  For those lucky enough to have huge walk-in closets, this may not be a chore. But for me, with just 4 feet of hanging space, this is an essential exercise.  Luckily, it took me under 30 minutes!  It could be that…

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Tip Tuesday – Clutter-Free Gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is nearly here and truly, ANY day is a good time to honor the mother figure in your life. But don’t burden her with something she won’t use! Here are some clutter-free gift suggestions for your beloved Mom. FUN: Purchase her theater, dance performance or concert tickets.  Take her for a posh afternoon enjoying High…

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Tip Tuesday – A Dozen Donation Resources for your Spring Fling!

A warm welcome to the many new people who have signed up for my “Tip Tuesday”!  Spring cleaning has taken hold in our household, how about yours?  There is something SO mind-clearing about getting the excess out!  But I often find that the LAST step of getting my good cast-offs TO the donation location is…

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Tip Tuesday – 3 Life Lessons to Live By

Do you have some life lessons that you live by? I was recently interviewed on a podcast and we chatted about the eight different careers that I’ve had and the three BIG life lessons I’ve learned along the way. I started the conversation by mentioning that I was, in fact, Morgan Freeman’s mistress – his Wardrobe Mistress…

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Tip Tuesday – Beware the (Ides of March) Expired Items!

Nearly every time that we sort through pantries or bathrooms, we find dozens of items that are LONG expired. Here is a good article to explain “use by,” “sell by,” and “best by” wording in expiration dates. And here are three areas that often get ignored! Personally, whenever I OPEN something I mark the date with a permanent…

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Tip Tuesday – 3 Home Office Essentials

Today is “Organize Your Home Office Day”!  This is a perfect time to decide to get your home workspace in shape in order to prepare your taxes, do your spring clean, or just clear your head!  As an expert in all things paper, I found that these THREE office items made a big difference in…

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