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Tip Tuesday – Back To School

Are you tired of missing the bus because of the morning fuss?  Arriving at work frazzled instead of dazzling?  Establish a morning routine now for yourself and your family!  Use fun and colorful charts for the kids to list all that has to be done in the morning.  Give prizes to all (including yourself!) that complete the list…

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Tip Tuesday – Set Up a Study Space

Students aren’t the only ones who need a study space! If you have paper-based tasks, designate a productive space for yourself where you can get it all done! Study essentials include a defined area with bright lighting, a clear work surface, and a comfortable chair. Create a caddy for homework tools (pens, pencils, markers, erasers, tape,…

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Tip Tuesday – Create a Retail Email

Tired of the never-ending stream of offers and coupons clogging up your personal email?  NOW is the time to set up a specific shopping/retail email!  I have cleeshops@gmail.com and use it for ALL emailed receipts, Amazon orders, and any other online shopping.  Make the upcoming gift-buying season easier to manage! You’ll find you can effortlessly track packages…

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Tip Tuesday – Your Phone Is Your Lifeline

Other than your shadow, what’s almost always within arm’s reach? Your cell phone! Take advantage of that proximity and use it to capture all the essential information you and your family may possibly need. Use your Contacts to note emergency contact names and numbers, student ID numbers, health ID numbers, passwords and even social security…

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Tip Tuesday – Lighter Higher, Heavier Lower

When storing ANY thing in closets, pantries, attics, garages, and basements, try to put light items (like paper goods, boxes of cereal, delicate ornaments, and plastic sleds) HIGHER. Heavier items (like beverages, canned goods, tools, and hardware) should be placed LOWER. This system is easier on your back and important for your safety—imagine a can…

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Tip Tuesday – Wardrobe Turnover

Welcome to our newest MOPS subscribers! Enjoy these quick Tuesday Tips that come straight to your inbox! How much of your clothing do you REALLY wear? When you (finally!) switch your closet over from warm weather to cool weather clothing, be sure to TURN all of the hangers so that they face BACKWARD on the rail. After…

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Tip Tuesday – Pitch Prescriptions Properly

Do you have a bunch of these half-empty orange containers lying around? National Prescription Take Back Day is on October 28th, so it’s time to clear out your bathroom cabinets and linen closets! Remember, it is unsafe to flush or throw away prescriptions, and they do expire. Keep your community and family safe by rounding up those old drugs for drop-off.

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Tip Tuesday – Be Prepared For Anything

While it’s never a bad idea to have your emergency supply kit tidily organized, you may want to take extra precautions for a Night of the Living Dead. In the case of a zombie apocalypse, the CDC recommends (seriously, see this link!) plenty of water, non-perishable food items, medications, and other first aid supplies (although you’re…

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Tip Tuesday – Be Bright

Shorter days can be dark and gloomy, so brighten things up! Install 3-way bulbs and dimmer switches so spaces can be illuminated for everyday tasks and then dimmed for evening relaxation. You will find that you are more efficient and less depressed (SAD syndrome is real!) with brighter lights all around!

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