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A FREE Guide so that you can ALWAYS find your Vital Documents!

Can you find your Vital Documents FAST?  Does gathering them all up seem overwhelming?  You may be thinking “Oh my, C.Lee, I don’t even know WHAT I need, or WHERE to start!”

It used to feel that way for me and for my students, too!  So, I created the Vital Documents Checklist. After that, I heard from some of you that a few papers relevant to you were not on that list. (For example, military service records immigration documents and prenups)

So I have totally UPDATED this information and created the ALL NEW:


A Guide to Gathering and Organizing ALL of your Important Papers

so that you are READY for an Emergency!

Go HERE  to get my video tutorial and valuable 11-page guide, so you can get started today!

I am passionate about helping people locate these important documents because I know that fire, flood, and other emergencies can happen at any time. I don’t want you to be caught unprepared!

Putting these documents in order is essential. So you may want to share this with family and friends to help them gather their papers as well. Forward them this email or share this link so they’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that all of their vital documents are collected and where to find them!

Here is the link again to get access to my NEW and IMPROVED Emergency Vital Documents Guide!