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6 Smart Steps for Stress-free Holiday Storage!

As we wrap up the festive season, it’s time to store our beloved decorations until their return next year. I’ve got some six simple tips that’ll make the whole process a breeze.

1 – First Things First:

Set aside advent calendars, Hannukkah décor, and anything you use early in December. I recommend you keep these with your Thanksgiving or Autumn décor or label a box “Early December” so that they are easy to access.

2 -Snap Pics for Future Reference:

Want to recreate this year’s perfectly staged mantel effortlessly? Take quick pics of your festively adorned spaces, print them out, and keep them with the decorations, or save them in a labeled folder on your phone. Next year, it’s like following a cheat sheet to get the same great look!

3 – Out with the Old (or Unused):

Does all your décor “spark joy”?  Is there anything that didn’t get displayed this year? If it’s looking tired or doesn’t match your style or colors anymore, consider donating it or discarding it.

4 – Store by Location:

Make unpacking easy by storing your items according to where they are displayed. Mantel decorations in one box, tree trinkets in another. When it’s time to decorate it will make it to deck the halls.

5 – Use Your Words:

Time to get labeling! Give your storage boxes big, bold tags. Label boxes clearly, such as “Mantel”, “Kitchen”, and “Indoor Lights” vs “Outdoor Lights” so you can easily locate and unpack items when it’s time to decorate again.

6 –Reverse Ornament Rule:

When packing away ornaments, employ a reverse packing technique. Place the less precious ornaments at the bottom, followed by those of moderate importance. Finally, position your most cherished ornaments on top. This intentional arrangement makes the unpacking process exciting, as your favorite ornaments are at the top, ready to adorn your tree first and bring joy to your holiday decorating experience.

And there you have it—a stress-free guide for storing your holiday decor. Follow these tips, and you’ll thank yourself next year when it is easy and fun to decorate!