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5 Life Lessons My Mom Taught Me

I want to tell you about Five Life Lessons (of many) that my beloved mother, Helen K Cawley shared with me. She was born during World War I in April of 2017 and died just short of her 99th birthday in 2016.

Which one resonates with YOU?

1 – Always know where the EXIT is.

My mother grew up very aware of the tragedy of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of 1911. Whenever we were in a theater, bus, or plane, as soon as we sat down, the first thing we would decide was exactly which exit we would use in case of emergency.

2 – ROUTINES make things right.

Helen was a busy, single mother and full-time worker, she knew that the key to keeping her life manageable was to establish and maintain routines.  Sunday laundry day and paying bills on the first and fifteenth of the month served her well and I employ these same routines to this day!

3 – If you take it OUT, put it BACK.

Every single object in our house had a dedicated “home.” So if I took the scissors out for a craft project, I was responsible for putting them away.  It was wonderful to be able to trust that you could find whatever you were looking for because it was always in its own rightful place.

4 – Be a SAVER, not a SPENDER.

Growing up during the Depression and being a single mom to my older sisters during World War II, my mother knew how to “stretch a penny.” But more importantly, she was also a savvy stock chooser who was able to retire comfortably on her investments for more than 33 years!

5 – Make lasting MEMORIES.

Helen knew that possessions come and go but no one can take away precious memories, so she used a lot of those savings to take our family on wonderful vacations.  Reminiscing about our adventures and travels was (and is) a wonderful way to bond and remember the great times we shared.

So there you have it!  I am curious if these life lessons resonate with you?  Do you have any other wisdom to share from your own mother?  I am thrilled to honor Helen by sharing her lessons with you.  And I invite you to share your lessons with our community in “Organizing Solutions for Busy Women”!