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3 Office Essentials You NEED for Productivity (and They’re Not What You Think!)

Today is Organize Your Home Office Day, the perfect chance to whip your workspace into shape.  Whether you’re gearing up for taxes, spring cleaning, or just craving calm and focus, a few tweaks can make all the difference.

As a paper organization expert, I noticed three key items that boosted productivity for students in my “Paper Cleanse” courses.

1. Comfy Chair, Happy You! Ditch the bulky black chair! Invest in an attractivecomfortable desk chair with wheels that fits your frame.  Trust me, your back (and your decor) will thank you. Bucket seats offer great comfort, and wheels make maneuvering a breeze.

2. Banish the Bin Boogie 🗑️Keep a handy wastebasket close by. This eliminates the annoying “get-up-and-throw-it-away” shuffle. Plenty of compact bins come in various colors to match your workspace. Rectangular bins tend to tuck under desks more efficiently. Or get two smaller bins in different colors, and use one for trash and one for recycling!

3. More Light Makes You Bright 💡 Don’t rely on dim lighting! A sleek task light illuminates your workspace for better focus. Bonus points for lights that double as pen holders or USB chargers!

Check if you have these awesome essentials or perhaps it’s time for an upgrade.  Want even more organization hacks delivered straight to your inbox every Tuesday? Sign up below!

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